“Windows Clipboard allows to store some text which is overwritten when you copy something next time, so this way you tend to loose some information Logix Clipboard URL Monitor is freeware URL sniffer monitors for URLs in the clipboard and if found logs them, so that you never miss an web address again from your clipboard. This program recognizes WWW, E-Mail or FTP links that were copied by the user with Ctrl + C shortcut.

Using Logix Clipboard URL Monitor

After installing the program on your Computer, this program adds it self to the system tray. If you copy an URL to the clipboard, program detects and saves it in MYURLs.log file in its installation directory.In this way, it copies all the URLs placed to the clipboard.

Double-clicking on the tray icon to view all logged web addresses and you’ll be presented with the time stamped list of all the URLs in your clipboard. You can export this list to Notepad, WordPad or any text viewer.

Logix Clipboard URL Monitor works on Windows XP/7.”