“The clipboard is the place where Windows keeps every text that you copied. The problem is that is designed to store only one item at a time so if whenever you copy something it will automatically overwrite the previous thing and you might end up losing important information. Logix Clipboard URL Monitor will make sure this never happens with your web addresses.

Logix Clipboard URL Monitor is an URL sniffer designed to log all the URLs you have in your clipboard. This means that whenever you use the copy command in your Windows this ingenious software will automatically check to see if it is a web address and, if so, it will instantly record it.

Logix Clipboard URL Monitor is incredibly easy to use. Simply run it and it will begin monitoring your clipboard. Whenever you feel the need you can open it and it will display every web addresses that appeared in your clipboard and the time when it was saved. You will then be able either save the entire URL list as a text file, or copy any internet address that you require.

Logix Clipboard URL Monitor will offer you many advantages like the facts that it can be easily installed: it only takes a few seconds to get it up and running, that it requires just a few resources to run in optimum conditions, that it won’t bog you down or affect your workflow as it resides in the system tray and that its intuitive interface makes it easy to operate and to learn even for absolute beginners.

In conclusion, Logix Clipboard URL Monitor is a simple, intuitive and handy tool that will easily monitor your clipboard and automatically log any URL address it encounters.”