“Employee monitoring has always been the most efficient method of ensuring that the company’s employees are doing what they are supposed to do during their work hours. However, in order for the process to be legitimate, employees must be informed about it in advance and the installation of monitoring software must be performed with their consent. If you are responsible for process optimization and business development in your company, you may find Logix Employee Monitor an absolute must-have for stealthy, resource-saving and detailed reporting on your employees’ activities.

Logix Employee Monitor is a powerful, flexible and efficient solution for monitoring your employees’ online and offline activities. The range of actions captured by the software encompasses web surfing, key presses, sending of email messages, searching for information in search engines, chatting via IM applications and a lot more. The program remains completely invisible on monitored systems, produces detailed timestamped logs and screenshots for ease of investigation and can be password-protected to limit access to the monitoring component to authorized users only. Logix Employee Monitor supports email delivery and FTP uploading of monitoring reports with set intervals, so you can be always informed about the discipline in your team, even when you are far away from your office.

Logix Employee Monitor is a multifunctional monitoring solution for businesses and households of any size that are seeking a way to strengthen their discipline and improve the overall performance.”

Author: Nikolaev Alexander Dmitrievich