“This tool is about monitoring of all activities on a computer. This enables finding out if an employee is spending productive time on his system.

Logix Employee Monitor is a piece of surveillance software. It lets you monitor employees’ activities. With the details of these activities you would be able to give him feedback on how to spend tine productively. This should help the employee reduce the time wasted on meaningless chat sessions or on a social website. All the information about his computer activities will be provides remotely. The details include typed keystrokes, visited websites, screenshots, and more. Capturing the screen at specified time intervals, recording web sites visited on the Internet, just about any activity undertaken by the employee, applications run are captured. Logix Employee Monitor can create a report in the HTML format. These reports can be sent to a email specified by you or FTPed to a specific site. Employees will not be aware of the monitoring program.

The GUI offered by the program is simple and intuitive. The operating icons on the tool bar are self-explanatory. For example, there is a raised hand symbol for stop action. Clicking on that will stop the program. A group of settings are available under a tab and the tabs are organized as user interface, websites, security logs, email, ftp and others. Some settings available in the Others group are whether the program will be started at Windows start up time, if it should start monitoring when it is started and when it should stop monitoring when the machine is idling. Compression quality, capture option (active window or others) or capture performance and pixel size. This determines if 8 or 16 bits would be used for defining the color of the [pixels on the screen capture images. This is an easy and handy tool for monitoring a remote machine.”

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