Thank you for choosing our product!
Here are some installation instructions for Logix Employee Monitor. We offer these instructions to make your life easier and your experience with our software pleasant and positive. If you are still experiencing problems, you can always call our support team at or visit our support forum at

Important Note
When installing Logix Employee Monitor on Windows XP operating system, please make sure you have administrative rights. If you are unsure if you have the necessary permission, please contact your system administrator or refer to your computer’s user guide before installing.

Let’s start!
Step 1: Temporarily disable your antivirus application. Prior to installing Logix Employee Monitor, ensure that no antivirus or anti-spyware is running, as these often halt the installation of monitoring software due to their questionable characteristics.
Step 2: After you download the our software, please run Emp_Mon_Full_Setup.exe if you are a registered customer or Emp_Mon_Trial_Setup.exe if you choosed to test shareware version. Whether you purchased Logix Employee Monitor at a retail store or downloaded it from the Internet, the program comes with a main installation file to configure it on your computer.

Screenshot 1 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 3: Read and accept the program’s license terms and click “Next.”

Screenshot 2 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 4: Review the program information and click “Next.”

Screenshot 3 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 5: Fill the fields for “User Name” and “User Company” with correct data. Click “Next”.

Screenshot 4 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 6: Choose “Complete Setup” as the type of setup you would like to perform. Click ”Next”.

Screenshot 5 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 7: Choose a destination path where the monitoring tool will be installed. You may install Logix Employee Monitor in a new directory structure or simply choose an existing location on your local hard drive. Install the application on a location that is rarely visited by users who share the computer in question. Click “Next” to proceed to the following setup screen.

Screenshot 6 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 8: Input Start Menu group name. Then choose to create shortcuts for all users by enabling the corresponding check box. Click “Next”.

Screenshot 7 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 9: You’re almost done… Click “Next” to install Logix Employee Monitor.

Screenshot 8 Logix Employee Monitor

Step 10: If everything works fine, soon you will see the last installation screen. Enable “Run Employee Monitor now” checkbox, then press “Finish” button and you’re done. Congratulations!

Screenshot 9 Logix Employee Monitor