Q: What is the purpose of Logix Employee Monitor?
A: The main purpose of Logix Employee Monitor is to monitor your PC activities invisibly and provides you the details of the activities performed on your computer in your absence.

Q: Is Logix Employee Monitor legal?
A: Yes, sure, Logix Employee Monitor is absolutely legal. You can install whatever programs you want on your computer. However, you should note that even legal software can be used illegally. So be careful.

Q: Some antivirus programs do interfere with Logix Employee Monitor, what can I do?
A: Some antivirus programs will block Logix Employee Monitor as a suspicious or dangerous software. Add Logix Employee Monitor to the list of exceptions in the settings of your antivirus software. If you do not know how to do it, contact the support service of your antivirus program. You can find more information about this subject in file “False Positive.txt” deployed in software instalation package.

Q: On what platform does Logix Employee Monitor run?
A: This program runs on Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

Q: Will it affect the computer speed when it runs?
A: This program is small but efficient. It runs in stealth mode in background to minimize your computer resource usage, so it does not affects your computer or other applications performance.

Q: Is Logix Employee Monitor detectable by others using my PC?
A: Under normal circumstances, other user of your PC could not detect Logix Employee Monitor is running in background.

Q: How do I start the program’s interface?
A: To start Logix Employee Monitor you have to press a hotkey combination which is, by default, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K.

Q: What should I do if I have changed the hotkey combination and I have forgotten it?
A: Send us a mail at support@logix-software.com. We will provide you the solution to recover it.

Q: Is this software password protected?
A: Yes, this software is completely password protected.

Q: I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
A: This is a serious problem, but we have a tool to recover your password (for registered users only). You need to contact us at support@logix-software.com.

Q: How can I get all the recorded logs by being far away from my computer system?
A: All the recorded logs will be automatically send at your specified e-mail address.

Q: Where can I get technical support for Employee Monitor?
A: You can get technical support from our forums at http://logix-software.com/forum or directly if send us a mail at support@logix-software.com

Q: I cannot receive e-mails, though I specified all the parameters correctly, what am I doing wrong?
A: First and foremost, in this case you need to check your firewall’s configuration. Most probably it does not allow Employee Monitor to e-mail the screen shots or log files as it is not among the trusted applications. You will need to consult the manual of your firewall to find out how you can adjust its settings.

Q: I have forgotten my registration details for Employee Monitor, where can I retrieve them?
A: Send us a mail at registration@logix-software.com
, requesting to resend your registration information. However, you will need to supply the maximum possible details of your order: order ID, date, e-mail, registration name.

Q: Can I use one license key on more then one computer?
A: Each copy of Logix Employee Monitor needs a license key. If you want to install/register Logix Employee Monitor on multiple computers you need a multiple computer license key. In this case please contact us at sales@logix-software.com and we will provide you a volume discounted quotation.

Q: I register this program with one PC, but I want to monitor another PC…
A: This program doesn’t support this action.

Q: Can I install Logix Employee Monitor remotely?
A: Our program is not remotely deployable. You need to have a physical access to the PC you wish to monitor. Logix Employee Monitor should be installed directly to the computer which activity you wish to log. Besides you have to go through the whole process of the installation which can’t be executed without a human participation. Note, that you would need just one-time access to a target PC. On installing our program you will be able to configure the logs e-mailing function and thus monitor PC by receiving logs to your e-mail box.

Q: How do I order online the product?
A: Click the buy button directly on our website Buy. Then it will bring you to the RegNow registration service. Fill in simple information to order. You will receive information immediately after ordering! This includes the download address of full version of this computer monitoring.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: Any major credit card, bank/wire transfer, PayPal, check or cash are accepted. For more details click here

Q: How long is the lead-time?
A: After ordering the product, you will receive information immediately. And we will send the registration information to you within 24 hours.

Q: I have an older version of Logix Employee Monitor, how can I upgrade it?
A: To upgrade existing registered copy of Logix Employee Monitor you need to contact us at registration@logix-software.com. We’ll send you download address of new full version of this product as well your new registration key.Then perform reinstallation of the software: uninstall the version you have and install the new one. Contact us in case your registration info is not accepted.

Q: Is it possible to see old logs after reinstall?
A: When you uninstall Logix Employee Monitor from your computer all the logs are of course deleted from your hard drive. If you want to save the logs captured with Logix Employee Monitor you should save them before uninstalling the program.

Q: I still have (other) questions…
A: Please contact us at support@logix-software.com and you will get an answer regarding your problem/question.